Breached By D3X
|Security Is Just A Myth|

Greetings People,

We are here not for violence, nor to harm; never we aim to. We came here to protest against the unrighteousness that we see.
Lack of justice, disobedience, graft and corruption. Wake up from your dreams and realize the reality.
Is it nice that most of us are doing nothing against the unjust things that we have witnessed?
Many people knew, but afraid to express the truth. Are you going to shut your mouth up till the end?
Are you dreaming for the next generation to be darker than the present?
Don't be afraid. We are many in this struggle. Kill this senseless culture. Serve as eyes for those who can't see,
ears for those who pretends to be deaf, and voice for those who are voiceless.
To all our fellow Citizens, Activists, Hacktivists, Anon Supporters, unto all of you, our newest awakeners:
It is time to unite as a single collective. Fight for our rights,
as we seek for the truth, freedom and justice. Let us all stand up and start the fight to make a difference!
To whom it may concern,
Expect us.